How To Manage Conflict on Remote Teams

Conflict is never fun. There’s very few people who rub their hands together, muttering, “I hope we have some conflict today!” (And if you know those folks, you may want to steer clear.) But when it comes to… Continue Reading

7 Reasons You Should Pitch a Travel Work Trip

  I can’t wait until I retire. Then I’m going to travel the world! Maybe you’ve had those thoughts before. Maybe you even have a location in mind. Dreaming of Fiji perhaps? But the real question is: what’s… Continue Reading

Our Best Company Social Activity Ever

Planning social activities for remote teams can be tricky. “Fun Friday” may be approaching on the calendar, but what are you options? A sundae bar is out. It might be complicated to mail everyone a box of art… Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Try Remote Working

So your brilliant, talented designer asks to meet with you. She carefully tells you her family is moving back to their hometown three states away. However, she quickly adds that she loves your company and would like to… Continue Reading

Beyond Amazon: 5 Gift Ideas for Remote Teams

What do you give to team members who live all over the world? Depending on where everyone lives, you may not be able to rely on gift cards to restaurants or movie theaters. Of course, there’s always Amazon… Continue Reading

Sure-Fire Conversation Starters for Remote Meetings

  “You are the first one here.” There they are. Those dreaded words indicting you’re the first to arrive to phone conference or video chat. But that doesn’t last for long, and soon one or more participants have… Continue Reading

7 No-Nos For Remote Meetings

We’ve all sat in meetings that are a huge waste of time. It’s unclear why the meeting is happening, so-and-so from HR is ten minutes into a tangent, and no one has any idea when the meeting will… Continue Reading

12 Tried and True Resources for Travel Working

There’s lots of great benefits about working remotely. But for me, the best has definitely been the opportunity to travel and see the world. Thanks to technology, I can stay in touch with co-workers, keep up-to-date on projects,… Continue Reading

What We Learned from High Turnover

Earlier this year, Formstack was honored to be named one of Indy’s Best Places to Work. That announcement got my mind turning, and I started to wonder what we were doing as a company to make it a great… Continue Reading

5 Tips To Recruit Top Remote Talent

One of the benefits of being a remote company is the opportunity to recruit top talent around the world. Without the limits of geography, you can search for employees that are the perfect fit for your company’s needs… Continue Reading

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About Chris Byers

Chris Byers is the CEO of Formstack and runs the day-to-day operations of the company. His goal is to deliver on the company’s desire of Changing Lives Through Inspired Software.

He leads the Formstack team remotely from Oklahoma City and has also led an international nonprofit while living in England and Poland. Chris has been a part of remote organizations for six years.

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About WIMC

Formstack, an Indianapolis-based software company, was bursting with Midwestern talent. Before long, though, they began to dream about a remote working culture.

Bold leadership took the step, moving away from headquarters and inviting new staff from all over the globe to join the team. Soon, Formstack was even developing their own applications to support remote working.

We hope our remote working experiences can help your company build remote teams with big results!

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