7 Free Tools For Working Remote

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12 Tried and True Resources for Travel Working

There’s lots of great benefits about working remotely. But for me, the best has definitely been the opportunity to travel and see the world. Thanks to technology, I can stay in touch with co-workers, keep up-to-date on projects,… Continue Reading

10 Google Hacks to Revolutionize Remote Working

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6 Tools Remote Teams Use Everyday

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How to Conduct an Interview on Video Chat

According to one survey, about 31 percent of hiring managers conducted some part of the interview process by video. Here at Formstack, we do a couple of phone screens to narrow down the pool. When we are in… Continue Reading

Is Your Company a Good Fit for Remote Working?

The work is suitable. Some jobs and industries simply don’t lend themselves to remote work. If you run a restaurant, you can’t have your waitstaff telecommute. But if your team’s performance is not hindered by location, you are… Continue Reading


About Chris Byers

Chris Byers is the CEO of Formstack and runs the day-to-day operations of the company. His goal is to deliver on the company’s desire of Changing Lives Through Inspired Software.

He leads the Formstack team remotely from Oklahoma City and has also led an international nonprofit while living in England and Poland. Chris has been a part of remote organizations for six years.

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About WIMC

Formstack, an Indianapolis-based software company, was bursting with Midwestern talent. Before long, though, they began to dream about a remote working culture.

Bold leadership took the step, moving away from headquarters and inviting new staff from all over the globe to join the team. Soon, Formstack was even developing their own applications to support remote working.

We hope our remote working experiences can help your company build remote teams with big results!

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