Make This The Year of Incredible Remote Meetings

Meetings can get a bad rap. They’re boring. They’re a waste of time. They are a drain on profits, some will say. For me, I’m extroverted enough that I enjoy the occasional check-in and chatting. Especially as a… Continue Reading

Sure-Fire Conversation Starters for Remote Meetings

  “You are the first one here.” There they are. Those dreaded words indicting you’re the first to arrive to phone conference or video chat. But that doesn’t last for long, and soon one or more participants have… Continue Reading

7 No-Nos For Remote Meetings

We’ve all sat in meetings that are a huge waste of time. It’s unclear why the meeting is happening, so-and-so from HR is ten minutes into a tangent, and no one has any idea when the meeting will… Continue Reading

Why You Should Host Your All-Hands Off-Site

At least once a year, we gather all our Formstack staff from around the globe and bring them together in one spot. We play games, we eat food, we brainstorm, and we bond. You can get an inside… Continue Reading

Formstack All-Hands: The Highlights

We love All-Hands! We’ve talked about how important these in-person gatherings are for remote teams. At Formstack, the planning and the trash talking start early, and All-Hands is something our team looks forward to every year. We’ve added… Continue Reading

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Travel While Working

Are you itching to travel the world and work remotely? Maybe you’ve seen those photos of people lounging on the beach with just a laptop and a frozen drink. Or maybe you, like me, aren’t a fan of… Continue Reading

How Vulnerability Builds Trust with Remote Teams

In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, author Patrick Lencioni cites the foundational dysfunction as absence of trust. On remote teams, trust can already be a sticking point if managers are used to monitoring employee presence instead of… Continue Reading

3 Must-Haves When Remote Teams Are Together

Remote working has scores of benefits. Your teams can be more productive, more satisfied, and more balanced between their work and home commitments. When your remote teams are flourishing, you may wonder if there’s ever any reason to… Continue Reading

How to Conduct an Interview on Video Chat

According to one survey, about 31 percent of hiring managers conducted some part of the interview process by video. Here at Formstack, we do a couple of phone screens to narrow down the pool. When we are in… Continue Reading

How to encourage an environment of adaptability to solve problems

Our Manifesto How we do business (aka the rules by which we operate). #3:  Encourage and environment of adaptability to solve problems We love solving problems.  In fact if you review our ‘why’ statement you will see that… Continue Reading

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Chris Byers is the CEO of Formstack and runs the day-to-day operations of the company. His goal is to deliver on the company’s desire of Changing Lives Through Inspired Software.

He leads the Formstack team remotely from Oklahoma City and has also led an international nonprofit while living in England and Poland. Chris has been a part of remote organizations for six years.

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Formstack, an Indianapolis-based software company, was bursting with Midwestern talent. Before long, though, they began to dream about a remote working culture.

Bold leadership took the step, moving away from headquarters and inviting new staff from all over the globe to join the team. Soon, Formstack was even developing their own applications to support remote working.

We hope our remote working experiences can help your company build remote teams with big results!

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