How to Avoid Winter Hibernation on Remote Teams

Bears hibernate in the winter. And some of us, well, we’d like to hibernate, too. You know, cuddle up in a snuggie with a good book and a cup of coffee. See you in April! For remote workers,… Continue Reading

Help Your Remote Team Set Mind-Blowing Goals

The candy canes have been eaten, and the candle wax has been scraped off the mantel. Everyone is back to work, excited and rejuvenated for the new year. In fact, some of your team may have made New Year’s… Continue Reading

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Remote Employees

  The clock strikes midnight, and we turn over a new leaf. Many of us have idealistic dreams of losing weight, being better parents, writing books, or a host of other goals. We may also hope to take… Continue Reading

Our Best Company Social Activity Ever

Planning social activities for remote teams can be tricky. “Fun Friday” may be approaching on the calendar, but what are you options? A sundae bar is out. It might be complicated to mail everyone a box of art… Continue Reading

7 No-Nos For Remote Meetings

We’ve all sat in meetings that are a huge waste of time. It’s unclear why the meeting is happening, so-and-so from HR is ten minutes into a tangent, and no one has any idea when the meeting will… Continue Reading

Why You Should Host Your All-Hands Off-Site

At least once a year, we gather all our Formstack staff from around the globe and bring them together in one spot. We play games, we eat food, we brainstorm, and we bond. You can get an inside… Continue Reading

3 Practices for Onboarding New Remote Employees

Employee turnover can be frustrating, tiring, and expensive. There’s the hassle of finding someone new while also covering the work in the transition time. These hidden costs, combined with sometime actual line item expenses, have caused experts to… Continue Reading

Why We Play Video Games At Work: Remote Team Building

  For years, Formstackers have laughed together and crushed each other in our friendly games of Power Struggle in the office. But it’s a little hard to play ping pong from one’s remote office in Texas. Not to… Continue Reading

Formstack All-Hands: The Highlights

We love All-Hands! We’ve talked about how important these in-person gatherings are for remote teams. At Formstack, the planning and the trash talking start early, and All-Hands is something our team looks forward to every year. We’ve added… Continue Reading

10 Google Hacks to Revolutionize Remote Working

Google is a go-to for all our remote teams. We schedule meetings and share events with Google calendar, and we collaborate on documents with Google Docs. And of course, there’s email. And if we want to get fancy… Continue Reading

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Formstack, an Indianapolis-based software company, was bursting with Midwestern talent. Before long, though, they began to dream about a remote working culture.

Bold leadership took the step, moving away from headquarters and inviting new staff from all over the globe to join the team. Soon, Formstack was even developing their own applications to support remote working.

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