Is Travel Working An Option For Families?


We’ve all seen those dreamy stock photos, right? Crossed ankles by the ocean. Fruity drink next to a laptop. Ah, working remotely. The world is my office oyster. I could sign in from the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or my parents’ basement.

But what if your beach trips look more like the photo above? You know, carrying a toddler who is petrified of sand getting in between his toes. And the thought of traveling while working sounds delightful until you start to consider logistics. What about my mortgage? What about our two dogs and our hamster? How could this even work with kids?

Well friends, yes. Working while traveling with a family is trickier. But it’s not impossible. My husband and I spent four months working from Buenos Aires, Argentina before our daughter even turned one. There were challenges to be sure, but we also created some incredible memories for a lifetime.

So how you get started? Where do you get started? Below is a list of resources you may find helpful to assist families considering taking time to travel. Check it out!

6 Kids, 13 Countries, 8 Years (& counting): A Mother’s Guide to Permanently Traveling & Working Around the World

This family has committed to an ongoing, longterm plan of travel and working. Whether you’re looking for that arrangement or something more temporary, you may be interested in the topics she covers. She discusses why they wanted to travel with kids, as well as practical concerns like money and doctor’s appointments.

Vagabond Family

This blog seeks to be a resource hub for traveling families. You can find information on vaccinations, “Road Schooling,” and packing tips. They also feature family-friendly tourist ideas across the world. You might want to begin with their Getting Started posts.

Adventure Nannies

Need reliable, familiar childcare on the road? Adventure Nannies prides itself on connecting you with a unique, professional caregiver for your needs. You might just find the perfect fit to join you on your trip!


A single hotel room is often not ideal for families. Take advantage of Airbnb to find accommodations that best suit your needs. You can rent from local hosts in 190+ countries!

Desk Surfing

If you work best in an office environment, this site can help you locate co-working spaces in cities across the world. Just type in where you’re planning to go, and you’ll have some co-working spots to explore for when you need to get away from the kids to get some work done!

These are five resources to get you started as you dream about traveling and working with a family. It’s going to take some planning, but the experiences can’t be beat.

Have you already tried remote working abroad with a family? What worked for you? What didn’t work? What are your concerns? Let us know in the comments!