Rock Remote Productivity in the New Year


It’s not that you’re unproductive working remotely. You know that you’re getting all your work done. In fact, it’s very likely you’re completing more work than when you were cooped up in the office. But still, you find yourself wondering if you could accomplish even more this year.

You will admit that you’ve lost some time to the world of social media. And of course, there are some days you just don’t feel like doing all that much, so you opt for the bare minimum.

But what could happen if you could harness that time?

Could you boost the quality of your work by noticeable leaps and bounds? Could you pursue a side project that might help you stand out in the company? Could you devote that time to professional development and growth?

Now’s your chance! It’s the New Year and a perfect opportunity to build stronger work habits and rock productivity.

Make healthy choices.

A productive remote worker starts with a healthy person. When you’re getting enough sleep, you can start your day rested and ready to begin. Avoid becoming sluggish by choosing life-giving foods. And take a break from sitting and staring at the screen to get your body up and blood pumping. All these positive choices will help your body be ready for a productive day of work!

Reign in attention grabbers.

It’s hard to really focus on a project with phones buzzing, Facebook dinging, and email notifying you of new, unread messages. Boost your productivity by creating space for yourself to truly work on your work. Shut off the phone for a bit and close the extraneous tabs on your browser. You might even opt for apps uniquely designed to keep you from online distractions or, what one writer calls, “an entertainment kill switch.”

Create a communications system.

Save time and streamline your work with clear channels for communication. You might use an app like Jell to share your progress and daily work with teams. Or you may select designated times to check email or hop into group chats, rather than staying logged in all day. Conference calls and meetings are valuable ways to communicate, but you may decide to schedule them all on one or two days a week or only in the afternoons, depending on your work style.

Get your work groove on! 

One of the benefits of remote working is the flexibility, so take advantage of this perk to spark your greatest productivity. Steer your most important work to times when you are focused and most creative. Determine your own rhythms and create a framework that works best for you. Same goes with managing your tasks. Experiment to find which project management systems give you a boost, and use them to help you push your productivity higher this year.

What’s your favorite tip for remote working and productivity? Please share in the comments!