Help Your Remote Team Set Mind-Blowing Goals


The candy canes have been eaten, and the candle wax has been scraped off the mantel. Everyone is back to work, excited and rejuvenated for the new year. In fact, some of your team may have made New Year’s Resolutions to be amazing remote workers this year!

What are the big targets your company could shoot for? What staggering accomplishments could your team achieve? Steer the energy and enthusiasm of your team to set mind-blowing goals for this upcoming year.

Build space for dreaming with your team.

It’s easy to jump right in to the day-to-day of running your company. Email is threatening to leap out of your screen and drown you in digital mail. You may be behind on important work tasks. Of course, all that is important. But be careful that you don’t all bury your heads and forget to look up until Valentine’s Day.

Create some space in your team’s schedule to dream big for the new year. Walk through the company’s vision with your staff. At Formstack, we believe it’s important for everyone to be clear on where we are and where we are going. This “big picture” framework helps teams choose goals that advance the larger mission.

Create well-crafted goals rather than vague ideals.

Make more sales! Get more visitors to the website! Grow as a leader! Be a more unified team! Improve our products!

It’s easy to shout out a list of desirable and inspiring goals. But how attainable are the ideals above? How will you even know if you’ve succeeded? What is your plan to reach them?

At Formstack, we’re all about those OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)! This goal-setting process helps us identify and commit to our big targets in an effective way. We push staff to define how they will pursue their objectives. These key results make it easy to check-in and see how our team is progressing throughout the year.

Be intentional to follow-up.

If you never revisit a goal, the reality is that it’s likely not to happen. It’s valuable to have a system for accountability regarding individual and team goals.

Whether you decide to have regular check-ins as a full team or assign accountability buddies or have supervisors follow-up, find a plan that everyone can commit to. Keeping focused on key results on a regular basis will help your team achieve more this year.

Celebrate good times, come on!

Mind-blowing goals should be more than something to check off your to-do list. Chasing big targets should help to inspire and bond your team as you work together. Find ways to spur one another one, and celebrate as many ways as you can along the way!

It may be tempting to wait for the final declaration that a major goal has been accomplished, but take time to encourage progress along the way. Incentives are a great touch, and it doesn’t have to be something major or expensive. Simply find ways to encourage and celebrate that resonate with your team.

Shared goals can be powerful for remote teams. Kick off this New Year by dreaming big and reminding everyone that though you are apart geographically, you are chasing impressive achievements together!