Make This The Year of Incredible Remote Meetings


Meetings can get a bad rap. They’re boring. They’re a waste of time. They are a drain on profits, some will say.

For me, I’m extroverted enough that I enjoy the occasional check-in and chatting. Especially as a remote worker. Life on the laptop can get lonely. But even still, it’s important that meetings stay on track. Here’s a few tips to minimize collective annoyance and make the most of time together as remote teams.

#1 – Be prepared for technical difficulties. 

Nothing is worse on remote meetings than the first fifteen minutes being swallowed up with technical challenges. Wait, which chat room is everyone else in? Can you hear me? Can you see me? Can you hear me now?

The longer I’ve been attending remote meetings, the quicker I am to text or chat someone who’s late to the party. Usually the reason is technology, so I can pitch in to help. Or we can switch to the phone or another platform to go ahead and get started.

#2 – Start out with some conversation.

Once you click into that conference call, you’re in the meeting. Sometimes people chat, or sometimes everyone is busy playing or working on other screens while they wait for the time to begin.

Remote teams aren’t face-to-face regularly, so take advantage of those early minutes of meetings to interact and connect. Need a few ideas to get conversation flowing? Check out these ideas!

#3 – Have an agenda.

Just because everyone’s gathering via screen doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a plan. Be intentional about who needs to be on the call, and be clear about the matter at hand.

Whoever is leading the meeting should take similar leadership as you would in person. Keep the group moving through the agenda and make the time count.

#4 – Stick to the schedule.

If you blocked off a half an hour for the meeting, be mindful of that fact. Remote workers, in particular, may be more accustomed to managing their own time. Keep to the agreed meeting time and folks will appreciate it.

Of course, this is another area where planning an agenda is helpful. If you need an hour (or three), you can know that upfront and ask meeting participants to block off that time. Pro tip: If you’re going the distance, don’t forget breaks (even in a remote meeting)!

#5 – Establish clear takeaways.

If you want to have incredible, productive remote meetings, don’t skip this step! Everyone walking away from the meeting should be clear on decisions made, tasks assigned, and goals going forward.

Want more tips for great meetings? Check out this article from Jell.

What pro tips do you have for remote meetings?