7 Benefits to Pitch Your Boss About Remote Working


Have you been dreaming of working remotely? Maybe you want to cut out your killer commute. Or you’re eager to try out your fresh home office. Or perhaps you’re just ready to bow out of the thermostat battle with chilly Linda in sales.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to work from home, if your boss is on the fence, it can put a damper on your plans. After all, to really make remote working successful, you need full buy-in from your leadership. They will need to adjust working style a bit to keep you in the loop, and they may need to set clearer expectations to measure your work.

So how do you get your boss on board? Here’s 7 remote working benefits you can use in your pitch when you suggest going remote.

Benefit #1: Less Distractions

It’s not that you don’t love watching a highlights reel on Tyler in Marketing’s phone that he put together after his son’s soccer season, but it does take time. And interruptions like these can be especially disruptive if someone “pops in” to your office or “grabs you” on your way to refill your coffee.

Interactions with team members are important, and collaboration is vital for successful teams. But a steady stream of interruptions and distractions can actually make it impossible to complete quality work.

Benefit #2: More Productivity

This benefit is a natural result of #1, as well as the ability to create a work space that caters to your specific style and the flexibility to focus during your hours of highest production. One experiment with call center employees tracked calls made from home compared to in-office staff and revealed a 13% boost.

Benefit #3: Less Absences

If your boss is worried remote working is just a fancy phrase for playing hooking, she may be interested to know that remote workers are often more engaged. And it’s very common for remote workers to login even on days they would’ve stayed home from the office. Hey, if you’re sick, you’re not contagious via screen!

Benefit #4: Cost Savings

If space is a premium at your workplace, remind your boss that he won’t need to provide a cubicle for you. Global Workplace Analytics estimates an $11,000 cost savings annually for an employee that works from home half the time. That’s the perfect stat for your pitch!

Benefit #5: Happier and Healthier

Employees that are happy and healthy make for a stronger workplace. Remote employees benefit from flexibility and the opportunity to improve their work/life balance, which reduces stress. If your boss is looking for a new way to boost employee satisfaction, a remote working setup may be perfect.

Benefit #6: More Working Hours

Cut out that commute, and you’ll be surprised how many remote employees will actually spend more time working. In fact, they are twice as likely to go over and above the standard 40 hour work week. That’s another boost to remote worker productivity!

Benefit #7: Hire Best Talent 

Want to inspire your boss to consider remote working on a broader scale? One of the major benefits to companies is the chance to expand their talent pool. Offering remote hiring opportunities allows the company to find the employee that is just the right fit. (Think Goldilocks.) Here’s 5 tips to recruit top remote talent.

What benefit has been most important to you? To your boss?