7 Free Tools For Working Remote

Free Tools for Remote Working

Do you have to spend a ton of money on remote tools? Sometimes when companies or individuals go remote, they worry about affording the resources to make it work. Besides, we already said you shouldn’t just “give it a try,” so if you’re all in, does that mean a huge investment?

It doesn’t have to.

Of course, we’re assuming that a laptop and phone are already at your disposal. Not sure how one would work remotely without them!

But there are plenty of free tools available for you to try. And some fee-based services offer a basic, no cost package as well. Will they try to upsell you? Sure! But that’s ok. If you’re happy with the product, you may be more than willing to pay for additional features down the line!

Here’s 7 tools to get you started. Some you may already use regularly, and some may be new to you. I hope you find the right tools to start working remotely at an affordable cost.

For Communication:

#1 – Google Hangouts

Video chatting is a perfect way to connect with a co-worker or host meetings. It’s often much easier to communicate via video than on the phone, especially in groups. Have more people than the limit? You might try the Zoom basic plan (free) for up to 50 participants.

#2 – Jell

Keep your team up-to-date on your daily goals and progress with this daily standup tool. The free version lets you include unlimited users, so you can get your whole team involved. It’ll cut down on meetings while increasing communication.

#3 – HipChat

HipChat is a great tool for remote teams. It allows you to chat one-on-one with co-workers, as well as create group “rooms” by topic, projects, or anything else. At Formstack, we have rooms for TV shows, hobbies, “Babies & Kittens,” as well as our work-related chat rooms!

#4 – Voxer

Voxer is a free phone app that transforms your smartphone into a walkie talkie. You can talk with an individual or create group chats. It’s especially great for teams that may not be near a computer all the time. You can communicate quickly and easily via phone without having to text or listen to dreaded voicemails.

For Collaboration:

#5 – Trello

When everyone is in different locations, project management software can be a lifesaver! Ditch the overwhelming email threads. Answer questions about who is doing what by when with a simple tool like Trello. Basecamp is another option that offers you one free basecamp.

#6 – Google Docs

If you’re not already using this free tool, Google Docs (& Sheets for spreadsheets) is a must-have alternative for the “I’m attaching the latest version” email. Remote collaborators view the same document and update it real time. You can also view past edits if needed.

#7 – Join.Me

Need to see more than just a document? Join.Me lets you share your screen with someone else on your team. They can watch as you click and work, so you can show them exactly what they needed to see. Great for trainings or tutorials that can get tedious with other methods.

If you need free tools for working remotely, these are some great options to start.

What have we missed? What free tools have you found helpful for remote teams?